Info Night: Potty Training and Preschool Prep!

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February 8, 2019
Join Buddings teachers and parents for an evening for sharing preschool readiness routines, like potty training and care. 
//Get Your Buddies Ready for PreschoolToddlers make the metamorphosis into preschoolhood through developmental stages.
To help them transform, we're presenting a 9-month series of structured scaffolding and events starting with Potty Training and an introduction to our Program for Preschoolers !
Got a burning question? Want to meet other parents who are going through a similar adventure? 
Come to Storybook Buddings at 1438 Cedar Cottage Mews (right next to the VPL!) and get the information you need :)


Storybook Buddings
Phone: 604-559-8494
438 Cedar Cottage Mews Knight and Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

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