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Phone: 604-575-BEES
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General Information:

Honeybee Centre is a working Honey Farm operating several hundred honeybee colonies for pollination and production of honey and other bee products. Come visit a bee centre and learn about the fascinating world of the honeybee, up close!

The tour guide will explain interesting aspects of bee biology and the life cycle of the honeybee. In our presentation room you will see our honey extraction line, honey bottling line, and beeswax candle making equipment.

Age Group: 

The age of students can range from pre-school to university. Probably best around age 5 years of age and up where they can sit still and listen to the guide and are interested in learning all about bees. I am sure some younger ones would be interested but for how long! But under 3 is FREE!

Hours of Operation: 

Mon to Sat: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sun: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Individuals $5.00
Families $16.95 for a family of 4 $3.95 for each additional family member
Toddlers (under 3 years of age) No charge


You will . . .

  • See Live bees hard at work in the hive
  • Hear About the amazing world of the honeybee
  • Touch Beekeeping equpiment and learn about a beekeeper's work
  • Smell The sweetness of honey and the pungent aroma of propolis
  • Taste Specialty honeys and other hive products

Come visit them and observe the fascinating world of the honeybee, up close!! Honeybee Centre offers public guided tours on Saturdays at 2pm. During this tour you will learn about the fascinating life of the honeybee, the amazingly healthy products of the hive, and the centuries old relationship between bees and beekeeper. You will see how bee products are produced with our honey extraction line, honey bottling line, and beeswax candle making facility. Educational and fun, Honeybee Centre is a "sweet" place to visit any time of the year.

Most importantly, kids 12 and under get a free honeystick every time they come visit!

See live bees up close in our large glass "wall of bees" - pick out the Queen, watch bee dances, see baby bees emerging from cells, look into nature's medicine cabinet to see pollen, propolis and honey being made, stored, and used.

The tour proceeds outside to our observation bee yard where a beekeeper will take a frame of bees from a commercial honeybee colony and point out different aspects of the hive, weather permitting. This is not as scary as it sounds since we have a covered observation area with a glass wall between you and the bees.

The tour then proceeds to the discovery centre where the tour guide explains about beekeeping and the importance of the honeybee as a pollinator to food production. Here you will get to see the tools used in beekeeping and you may even get to dress up as a beekeeper. Finally, this is where it gets a little sticky, samples of specialty honeys and other bee products are available for your delight.

Large glass observation beehive - Watch a working honeybee colony in action

  • Find the queen
  • Identify drones and worker bees
  • Identify parts of the hive - including comb, eggs, larvae, honey, pollen, propolis
  • Observe bee activities - including dances, grooming, egg laying, wax production, honey making, and house cleaning

Honeybee exhibits - including honeybee life cycle, beekeeping activities, beekeeping equipment, and honey from around the world.

Product sampling - taste several varieties of specialty honeys and sample bee pollen, nature's multi-vitamin.

Honeybee products - learn about the products of the hive . . . honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and beeswax.

Colouring - for those younger members of the family, we have honeybees to colour and a beehive maze to navigate.

Visit the Store:
You can visit the store and buy some honey! Honeybee Centre typically has at approximately ten varieties of honey at any given time. These include Fireweed, Buckwheat, Clover, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Fraser Valley Wildflower, Pumpkin and Purple Loosestrife, Manuka and Creamed Clover.They also offer Body Care Products, beeswax, candle making supplies, Nutritional Supplements, gifts, books and more!

  1. Snacks and refreshments can be purchased at our snack bar.
  2. Please let them know when you book your tour that you will be eating your lunch there so that they can make arrangements.
  3. Warn your kids that there is a covered observation area with a glass wall between you and the bees. So they won’t worry about being stung!
  4. Kids 12 and under get a free honeystick every time they come visit!
  5. They offer birthday parties, makes for an orginal birthday party that is for sure!


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