What to do for Mother's Day?

Mother's Day!This is your day or so they say! Yes it is the offical "Mother's Day" and some families book at golf courses or their favorite restaurant to treat the mom of the family. But you can do other things such as:

Go to the Farmer's Market - Lots of outdoor Markets open this Sunday and more will open by the end of the month. I love walking through the market seeing the wonderful grown organic vegetables, checking out handmade items, eating the food and depending where the market is enjoy walking around and enjoying the outdoors.

If the weather is nice, head to the beach. No i am not talking about take out the bathing suit just yet, but walk the beach, have fish and chips, fly a kite and enjoy your family!

Spa, head to the spa, need a day of R&R, you deserve it! If its all booked up maybe the kids and hubby can create an at home spa experience for you!

Shopping, head to the mall or outlets and enjoy hopefully kid free shopping after all you can use the "it's "Mother's Day", isn't it my day?", and still have dinner with the family.

SLEEP, enjoy a sleep in, tell the hubby and kids you would like to sleep in and hopefully they make you breakfast that is edible to top it off!

Check out some local family events, like the Salmon Send off events or the MARIACHI FESTIVAL or if you are crazy enough to gave your kids a special day head to Playland!

Make Crafts with the kids or do you want to do something more for yourself? Finally scrapbook those pictures you always wanted to get to.

Read a Book, when is the last time you read, and more than 2 pages?

Whatever you decide makes your special day remember that you deserve a day, so take it and ENJOY it! Happy Mother's day!