Top 5 Reasons Modern Cloth Diapers Should be on your List of Baby Gear to Consider

New & Green Baby Co.1. Cloth Diapering reduces the amount of solid waste generation. You can keep more than 7000 disposable diapers out of our landfills for each baby in cloth diapers. With current initiatives to reduce solid waste in municipalities (for example, the GVRD’s Zero Waste Challenge), this is an easy and immediate way to make a significant change.

2. Cloth Diapering costs less. With baby number one, you could save up to $2000 by using cloth diapers. Put those diapers away for your second child and you’ll save more than $3000 this time around. With the costs of disposable diapers spread out over the time your child is in diapers, it can seem like a drop in the bucket, but when you add it all up and put the numbers side by side, the cost savings is clear (and pretty impressive!).

3. Cloth Diapering can get your child out of diapers, sooner. Cloth diapers help parents and children retain the awareness of their elimination and make the transition to potty easier and faster.

4. Cloth Diapers are comfortable for your baby. Do you wear plastic and paper underwear? I didn’t think so. Babies are much happier in cloth diapers that offer soft fabric next to their skin and breathability that keeps their skin healthy.

5. Cloth Diapering is fun! With colours like Chocolate, Crushed Berries, Pomegranate and Clementine you’ll have loads more fun than putting on your favourite colour diaper (and showing it off, too!).

Cloth Diapering seems inconvenient. With intuitive designs, easy to use Velcro or snap closures, cloth diapering today is as easy as pie. Open the diaper up, put baby on, fasten diaper with Velcro and you are done! Watch a how to video here.

Cloth Diapering seems overwhelming. It’s definitely a topic that deserves a bit of research and learning. But that’s what we’re here for! With over 750 families educated through our sell-out workshops, New & Green’s Cloth Diaper 101 Workshops are a great place to start and build your foundation for success. Can’t get to a workshop? Check out our learning videos.

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