A Tiny Light that Makes a Big Glow in People's Hearts Guest Blog by Melissa DePape of The Tiny Light Foundation

The Tiny Light FoundationMy name is Melissa, I am mom and a professional photographer.  My first daughter is Nevaeh, she has downs syndrome.  She is the most amazing little girl I have ever met.   She radiates this love that is indescribable.   At 6 months of age and only 10 lbs, she underwent open-heart surgery, this was one of the hardest days of my life.  As a mom you never want to see your child in pain. 

Also as a photographer I know the importance of photographs, but during this difficult time it was the last thing on my mind, with the little time I had available and with the extensive cost of medications, gas, food and hotels, it really left us with little to be spending on professional photos.  This had me thinking.  That is when I sat down and wrote out my mission statement for The Tiny Light Foundation.  Six months later here we are…

Melissa's DaughterThe Tiny Light foundation is a non- profit organization that operates across Canada.  We provide professional photography for children (and their families) who are faced with a life-altering diagnosis.  We match them with a professional photographer who donates their time and talent to provide a photo session that is tailored to the child’s needs. The family is provided with digital negatives and professional quality prints. With approval of the family, the Tiny Light Foundation writes a life story of the child and their family to help inspire, heal, give strength and hope. This story, along with a few photos, is showcased on www.thetinylight.com.

The Tiny Light FoundationOur mission is to show the true beauty and spirit of our tiny light children through the means of professional photography. When you look at our photos you will see the magic, love, and true beauty our photographers have captured. We hope to bring acceptance and awareness to our world, along with lifelong memories to our families by our specialized service.

Each child is different and special in their own way. When dealing with a serious illness or life altering disability we know that sometimes it takes much more patience and time then a normal in house studio can provide. Each Photographer is hand picked and selected for that special reason alone.

The Tiny Light FoundationWe are always looking for people to help spread the word.  If you have a tiny light or know a tiny light please refer us.  If you are a photographer and would like to donate your time and talent or studio space please visit our website

The Tiny Light Foundation

Photos seen in this guest blog were taken by:

Melissa DePape www.melissadepape.com