Summer Boredom? Need Some New Activities to check out? Three Fun Ideas!

1) Extreme Airpark in Langley

2) The Reptile Guy Rescue and Education Center

3) Aldor Acres in Fort Langley (On certain specific dates)


Extreme Air Park Extreme Air Park

1) Extreme Air park
9499 198 St

Extreme Airpark is a huge warehouse sized trampoline funhouse! It is a blast for kids, I brought my 5 year old and my 9 year old. I do say it's better for the older kids as my 5 year old would be happy with any trampoline, but of course he had tons of fun. They have a trampoline area just for jumping and bouncing. a basketball section, a straightaway with trampoline sides so you can try and do tricks and then you can jump into the foam pit.

Every so often they turn off the lights to make it glow in the dark, which the kids love of course! The only thing is it can be a bit expensive, check your entertainment book for coupons or download the bandit app on your phone and check if there are any coupons that day as well. They charge by the hour. We visited the Langley Location but there is also a Richmond Location. There is a parent viewing room but it is in the back, which is find if you have older kids but i worry a bit more with younger kids. Also there is a viewing area in the middle of the arena, but only one bench so it's really more to see everything around you, and no drinks or food permitted on there. Before you go in, they provide socks that have a special grip that you use so you don't slip (so no worries about bringing socks). Overall a very fun experience for kids!


The Reptile Guy The Reptile Guy

2) The Respitle Guy Rescue and Education Center
Unit #7 - 34366 Forrest Terrace,
Abbotsford BC.

Adults (ages 19 and up) $8.50
Kids (ages 4 - 18) $6.50
Kids 3 and under free

The Reptile Guy Rescue and Education Center, who is also known for doing birthday parties for kids. I decided to take the kids to check out his location in Abbotsford. It is small, when i first arrived I was wondering how great the tour might be, but I was pleasantly surprised! The best part of the tour is how you can pretty much hold every reptile in the place. Some you get to even feed. We fed the turtles, held snakes, pet the turtles, held geckos, a scorpion, chameleon and the tarantula thankfully was shedding so sadly we couldn’t hold it, phew, lol. All in all we had a great personal tour, learned lots about reptiles and was a fun outing for the kids!


Aldor Acres Aldor Acres

3) Aldor Acres
8301 252 St,
Langley, BC

$5 a person (prices are different during seasonal events)

Aldor Acres once in a while has events where you are welcome to come out to the farm. Where you can see and possibly hold baby pigs. There is also baby chicks, you see the cows, visit the goats and even feed them if you buy some feed. Also they usually put a small picket fence on the grass area, so you can pet and hold bunnies. Bunnies the have you can usually adopt or even just take them home for a week if you want to try it out I was told!

I truly enjoyed talking to the owner about the farm, he sure had a love for the farm and you can tell he enjoys chatting to visitors about the animals which made for a fun afternoon.

Follow their facebook page, and find out when their next event might be. Also they have a wonderful pumpkin patch and activities of course in October as well, and they also sale Christmas trees too.

Next Event coming up is for Special Needs Day on Sunday, August 24, for more info click here.