Strike Not Stopping you from Giving your Child a Education? Here are some suggestions:

BC Strike

Parents are scrambling to make sure their children are going to be up to par when the strike is over. Some parents have taken it into their own hands and are teaching from their home. I also know some don't feel the worry, but here are some suggestions if you want to at least do some work or want to encourage "school days" at home.

There are lots of iPad apps out there, so that is also a good idea to find some help and to help learning be more fun. Also there are curriculum worksheet books you can find at your local Costco made by Canadian Curriculum Press or head to a store that has them near you such as Staples. More options are a vast array of ideas on Pinterest, or possibly even talk  to a mom that runs a homeschool for some other suggestions as well. Another idea if it is affordable is hire a local teacher to tutor your child in areas you are worried about. Try working with another parent and take turns teaching each others kids, which makes more fun and social  for kids and parents and then its not so hard on one parent.

Don't have time to school or the patience? Try field trips to museums, farms and local attractions.  Education is fun!

Apply that $40 that you registered for from the government and enroll them in a daycamp where they can learn and have some fun.

Hopefully this is resolved soon and we won't have to source our own child's education and thankfully place it back in out teacher's hand, who I truly respect for what they do.


Links Suggestions from a local Vancouver Teacher Cari Snell: for kids' math, for grade specific (and free if you choose the free tab) resources as well as a few other sites listed on her class site (

From Local Parents:

Useful link to the curriculum by grade for BC students suggested by Lisa Walker

Reflex Math suggested by Deb McColman

Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics suggested by Judy Lee

Teaching Art on Pinterest suggested by Michelle Kent

Khan Acaddemy by Stephanie Ng Canavan

Reading Acitivites for Kids:

Kids Activities


Other links Suggested:

Homeschool Websites on Pinterest

Free Homework Worksheets

25 Best Websites for Teachers by Scholastic

Free Homeschool Curriculm

British Columbia Ministry of Education - Grade Collections - Recommended learning resources by subject and grade level.

Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page - Information about Canadian home-based learning resources, support, projects and events, as well as the "home school" laws and regualtions that apply to each Canadian province.

A to Z Home's Cool- Free online education, home-friendly lesson ideas, educational websites, helpful articles, etc.

All Aboard for Kindergarten! - 100 books to read for kindergarten readiness.

Math from Kindergarten to Gr. 12

ABC Teach create custom games, handwriting worksheets, colorful shapebooks, word walls, and much more.


Links suggested from a local elementary school:

Sites for Primary Students 

Sites for Intermediate Students