Recycled Soda Bottle Craft

Recycled Soda Bottle Craft

Craft and image from Country Woman


    2 plastic soft-drink bottles of the same size
    Low-temperature glue gun and glue sticks
    Zipper to fit perimeter of bottle
    Spray paint (optional)
    Scraps of brown card stock for stem
    Scraps of card stock in choice of color for leaves and tag
    Embroidery floss in choice of color
    Tag punch


  1. Clean bottles and let dry for Soda Bottle Crafts. Cut each bottle evenly around the perimeter 2-3 in. from the bottom; you’ll use the bottom pieces. (Recycle top portion.)

  2. If desired, spray paint the exterior of each. Follow manufacturer’s instructions and apply as many coats as needed for complete coverage, letting dry between coats.

  3. Unzip zipper. Use hot glue to adhere 1 of the fabric sides to the perimeter of each bottle piece. Apply a short, thin line of hot glue at top edge of bottle, then overlap fabric about 1/4 in. onto exterior rim. Glue the zipper in small sections, letting glue dry between each section. Be careful not to get glue on zipper teeth or slider.

  4. For stem, cut a small rectangle from brown card stock and fold in half lengthwise. Cut sides slightly curved. Fold ends about 1/4 in. inward, making a dimensional tent shape. Use hot glue to adhere to center of one end of apple.

  5. For leaves, cut pointed oval shapes, freehand, in various sizes from scraps of card stock. Use hot glue to adhere 2-3 leaves at the base of the stem.

  6. Use tag punch to punch a tag from scraps of card stock. Cut a 6- to 8-in. length of embroidery floss. Thread floss through tag hole and center of the tent-shaped stem. Knot end of floss, attaching tag to stem, and trim floss ends.

  7. Crafts from recycled materials can be filled as desired and closed with a zipper.


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