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Everyone says it, everyone writes about it, we all talk about it. Everyone may not admit it, but we all mess up. I’ll stop speaking in general terms: I mess up. I lie awake at night and wonder why my son refuses to brush his teeth. Why can’t he wipe his own butt? Why didn’t I do a better job explaining that it isn’t appropriate to tell someone they are fat? I fail at so many things when it comes to my parenting skills. I realize days later that I could have handled things a little better when he deleted my entire document folder because he was trying to log on to his Bey Blade account.

It’s hard work being a parent every single day. I have to wake them up, get them up, remind them they have to put on clothes, preferably ones that match. I have to make sure they eat a healthy breakfast and explain why they need to eat good food so their brain will be healthy. I have to watch them brush their teeth and then brush them again, to make sure they got the nasties. I have to teach them to put on a seat belt and not throw things out the window of a car. I have to explain to them why school is important and necessary.

I constantly have to tell them that dirty words are inappropriate, especially at church. I make sure they are safe when they are playing. I have to find appropriate activities to stimulate their intelligent minds. I have to teach them to play nice and be kind. They learn, from me, how to treat people. They learn, from me, how to take a bath and wash, with soap. They learn how to sit and eat a meal without sticking something in their nose or ears or throwing it at their brother. I teach them how to sleep well and why they need rest.

I do this every single day, there are no exceptions. When they are bad, it’s on me. I realize I’ve made mistakes, but I know I’ve done a fine job teaching my boys about life. They are kind to animals. They play well with others. They inhale books and take in everything like sponges. They reach out to the new kid at school and ask him to play Star Wars on the playground. They write love notes to my friends with long hair. Every night they kiss me good night and remind me that they love me.

Yes, parenting is hard and time consuming and sometimes I fail, but I do more right than wrong and my children know they are loved. In the end, that is important and worth all the time spent arguing about why they can’t poop in the car box or pee in a parking lot. I pray that as they grow, I’ll grow, too. I don’t care if they ever thank me for teaching them why it’s ok to flush a dead frog down the toilet or why we can’t paint our bodies instead of wearing clothes. I just hope they always know I love them more than anything and always will.

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