Kid Swap Meets 101

Kid Swap Meet

What are Kid Swap Meets? Most parents are aware of kid swap meets but those who aren’t; they are the place to buy gently used items for babies and kids for a fraction of the cost.

I know what some of you maybe thinking, you may feel a little taken back about putting used clothing on your child? Some parents just don’t like the idea of putting their baby in previously worn clothing.

Kid Swap MeetBut before you completely disregard this idea completely, just go to a kid swap meet and you may be surprised to find that many items are new or nearly new.  Some items even have their tags on them. When I was a new mom I probably wouldn’t have even thought about it. But when you learn how little the baby or child uses a clothing item or toy you may kick yourself for not saving a lot of money by buying gently used items.

Tips for a swap meet:

  • If you are looking for a well sought after item go early but expect to pay more when they first open. Most kid swap meets charge around $5 admission just to go in the first hour before everyone else. You would be quite surprised how many parents line up and pay this fee.
  • Sometimes going near to the end of the day, most vendors want to just sale everything they have for next to nothing, so this is a valuable time to go but keep in mind there maybe slim pickings.
  • When you first go into a swap meet with a particular item in mind, look for this item first and leisurely shop after as your item just might just be gone!
  • Save time ask the vendor if they had the item, to be more time efficient.
  • If you can, do not bring the kids if possible. Most places lanes are tight and not very stroller friendly, plus its hard to focus when you have a little one trying to get your attention.
  • If you have to bring the baby, use a baby snugly so you can manoeuvre around “traffic” easily.
  • Leave the hubbies at home, unless you want them to hold the bags or carry the kids or if they actually enjoy the shopping then great! But most have no understanding of the craziness of what a kid swap meet is.
  • Bring your own bag, most sellers don’t have enough bags and also it’s good to be eco-friendly these days. Also you need a good sturdy bag to hold all that loot!
  • I would suggest bringing small bills and even change. If you want bigger items, bring more money so you can shop for other items. The more popular swap meets sometimes even have an ATM available if needed.

High ChairThis weekend is one of the busiest Kid Swap Meet Weekends, there are 7 different kid swap meets, and one is even a cloth diaper swap, go check them out!