Happy Mother's Day - Best part of being a mom...

  • My daughter and IHearing I love you, even though she tells me every hour.
  • Seeing my kids smile, even if the smile is mischievous.
  • Being "invited" to a special tea party by my daughter with "water" as pretend tea and with cups that are encrusted with dirt from the day before.
  • Hearing a cry in the middle of the night even though I wished for a good night sleep, holding them in my arms reminds me that I don't care what time it is.
  • Thinking I have a private moment in the bathroom, but then reminded on how much they need me by interruptions.
  • Hearing "you are the best mom ever" even though it may be because they want something.
  • Every night reminds me of how much I love bed time, because not only do I get some quiet time I get the biggest hug and kiss ever!