To Dine or Not to Dine with Kids??

Alexis eating in RestaurantI was reading The Accidental Pharmacist's 10 Commandments of Dining out with Baby. I enjoyed reading her version of dining with kids and I also agree with her.

After reading her blog about this subject I learned about a very controversial article that was in a well known 'Better Homes and Gardens' and their version of 10 Commandments of dining with little kids' that had been posted by a Heather W., a writer for BH&G, The article was written earlier this week, but has been taken down since due to complaints.

If you want to read more of the article from BH&G read more on She also provided a great blog on the subject. Both blogs are a great read and have  truly valid points when it comes to dining as a family.

Why they let someone at Better Homes and Garden to write an article on this, who has no kids is beyond me.

I am not going to cover the entire article, but the most controversial part of the article to me is the discussion of breast feeding at the restaurant table. I think moms should be allowed and also should be "rewarded" for breastfeeding at the table! One I think its the best healthiest choice for moms to give their child if they are able to and also I am overly impressed when moms can do it via table side. These moms should be applauded and not feel discriminated against.

I think it is important for you to have a family meal out, it teaches them manners, to eat in public, respect, patience and the list goes on. I admit some ages, kids are hard to keep still. I remember my daughter at 2 years old was very difficult to take out she could not sit still, but after time and some well thought out learning toys, drawing activities, table fun games and of course rules, she learnt over time to sit still.

Yet, I do however think there should be some limits, I have seen kids run rapid around tables or even scream with no consequence so unless you are ready with dinner out rules and stick to them, then I agree then that is when the family should just stay home. Have set rules, tell them what you expect, have lots of patience and follow through, be prepared to leave the restaurant to show them you mean business if they aren't ready to listen.

What is your opinion of dining out with kids, let me know what you think! Strollers, toys, breastfeeding, fancy restaurants should a family enjoy all of these things while dining? ADD a comment!

Also I have a kid friendly dining area in the directory area, be sure to check it out or even suggest some!