Age-Appropriate Yet Stylish – Fashion Trends Your Kids Can Wear

marks and spencerWith children going back to school and being active in many co-curricular activities, there will always be that concern that your kid may just be following the adult fashion trends way too much. “So what the challenge is, is in finding pieces that have the look of what's current but that's cut appropriately for their bodies and nothing that's going to be too sophisticated or too sexy,” Elena Grant of tween fashion line Sofiabella points out in an interview with Huffington Post. In accepting that challenge, how can you have your little ones be trendy whilst maintaining their child-like charm?

Going with the Mainstream Hipster
“It is a fact that stores have benefited greatly from the trendiness of hipster fashion, selling mass amounts of items like cutoff vintage denim shorts, beanies, and floral headbands,” fashion blog explains.

That said, Marks and Spencer and other retail outlets have gone out of their way to adapt trends from this stereotype; adapting such fads for their casual, formal, and even school apparel lines.

In a rundown of hipster trends that are deemed stylish, StyleCaster enumerates fashion items like flannels, overalls, printed denim, and wide brimmed hats. These clothing items can be easily adapted by children without much fear of being tasteless. However, ripped jeans, off-shoulder sweaters, and crop tops are some trends that parents need to tread on carefully. For a better inspiration, all-around social news site Buzzfeed, listed down some young kids donning hipster looks that are not only age-appropriate but also utterly stylish.

Going Bright or Going Rock
Adapting the recent autumn and winter elements in recent fashion shows, suggested having kids don either “Bright ‘n’ Bold” color schemes or “Rock Chic” ensembles. “Shake things up with pops of punk for a getup that's sure to attract a fan following,” the family resource site suggests when it comes to giving children an edge in style.

As for color, “Add some loud colors to your kid's wardrobe and she'll be a standout student for sure,” encourages. “One way to emulate the star look without being provocative or inappropriate is allowing kids to show their colorful side,” children’s wear trend director Nancy Dennis advices.

So go ahead and let your kids play around with styles. Fashion should not be shallow and aimed at just looking pretty. It should let kids learn how to express their individuality and creativity. And as Dennis points out via Huffington Post, “If they want to wear two colors that clash, I say go for it. As long as it's warm, it's age-appropriate and they feel good in it, I think that's great.”